Why ‘freelaw’? – A word from Alex Monaco

Freelaw.org.uk, Kindly curated by Alex Monaco

‘freelaw’ is happening right now, slowly but surely. We are making law accessible to all. By that we mean not just free to use for the common person, but, more importantly, easy to understand, and even easy to use. Imagine if the average person could use the court system/s!

Obviously law is a complex subject and therefore not everyone can understand it, but it is not helped by the legalese which seems to be perpetuated by lawyers who have a vested interest in keeping it complicated.

We have been doing this in the realm of UK employment law for many years at Monaco Solicitors whereby we make employment law easier to use for employees by writing about it in plain English.

With the advent of artificial intelligence and chatbots, the potential for demystifying the law has really increased. We plan to use bots for our solicitors’ website but then we would like to throw this tech out to the gig economy and workers for corporations such as Deliveroo, Sports Direct and fast food chains.

If we can then apply this template to the developing world and help people in, for example, ex Commonwealth countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa, this would be a dream come true.

Please do steal or borrow our idea by the way! It would be great to see this implemented across the globe. I personally would like to not make any money out of this project, and I understand that this could become tricky if it takes off – haha first world problems eh!

Thanks for listening.

Alex Monaco, Solicitor-Advocate (All Higher Courts)

[email protected]